Mr. e-MONEY - Have you seen what’s missing in crypto world?

Bitcoin wasn’t invented for investors, it was invented for the utility of digital money! Ethereum wasn’t invented for investors, it was invented for the utility of the decentralized application platform! This is not a rare occasion in human history, that a certain innovation is accepted in practice in a totally unexpected way, which can surprise even its developers.

Is Bitcoin “electronic cash”? NO it is not, it is an investment opportunity.

Show us just one company in the world that has Bitcoin and believes that there are no risks about its value, and therefore uses it as a method of payment and settlement of liabilities. And not to mention investment funds that treat Bitcoin and Ethereum in their portfolio only as an investment asset and conduct the same actions as for the other investment assets (risk assessment, Buy and Sell decisions…).

bitcoin over money

The moment one of the crypto coins becomes exclusive unit of account and method of exchange-settlement transactions, in investment funds around the world, and not have the status of investment asset, we will know for sure that a real „electronic cash“ is finally in use.

Current cryptocurrencies have no money role and are not generally accepted for settlement of liabilities. One of the reasons for this is that users see them as investment opportunities that have absolutely no external stability, not even a floating exchange rate. By resolving this problem, there would be more use of cryptocurrencies as money for payment and settlement.

The evolution of money is inevitable and it is only a matter of days when a decentralized universal world currency will finally come to life.

We are also witnesses of the first examples of free payment without borders, which are done instantly and without a bunch of intermediaries. Also, cryptocurrencies are one step away from getting the role of real money. The Coin Payment Processor Project is therefore on its way to connect all missing links and create a new dimension of global payment.

Coin Payment Processor Project = cryptocurrency as money+ open international payments+decentralized universal currency

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