How Stable Coins Work?

Since the beginning of this year, we have seen tremendous changes in crypto market. Trends are changing overnight, as it sometimes seems. First, we saw the booming of ICO market, than we witnessed its colossal collapse in Q3 2018. Some speculate that this decline has in great deal affected the price of two most dominant cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin and Ether, which saw drastic drop in price. We entered the bearish market and everyone stayed still waiting to see what will come next. And the next big thing came — STABLE COINS. Not that they didn’t existed before Q4 2018, but they really didn’t get the attention they deserved until just now.

Major players entered the market with their regulated stable coins and started to shift the power position of the most notable stable coin so far, but also the most controversial of them all — TETHER. It is clear that the market is finally ready for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, and we all know that it cannot be done without the stable coins (cryptocurrencies with a market price that is pegged to a stable asset).


Stable coins will help cryptocurrencies achieve world domination — if they actually work! And that is exactly what we will show you in the following weeks. We know that the answer is YES, but we will also show you HOW each of these stable coins actually WORK? In this series, we won’t be dealing with theoretical aspect of stable coins, NO. We will do practical reviews of company operation, we will test their stable coins and finally do a comparative analysis. If we want to see stable coins being used in everyday life, then we need to test and see which one is truly functional and also help people understand how they actually work.

We chose to start our analysis with active and regulated fiat-collateral stable coins: TrueUSD, GLX, AAA Coin, Gemini Dollar and USDC. Tether is excluded from this list for obvious reasons. Our reviews will not be biased and paid, but we will rely on collaboration with project owners to ensure that our information are valid and reliable.

We are open to thoroughly analyse one more fiat-collateral stable coin, so feel free to suggest one in the comments below. The only condition is that their stable coin is active!


Reviews of the aforementioned stable coins will be done by Tesla CryptoCap Team.

Key members of our team are experienced professionals:

Mr Djuro Bajic, President of the Consortium Committee-Coin Payment, with over 15 years of professional experience in financial consulting, banking, brokerage, business management, IT project management, blockchain and stablecoins.

Ms Jelena Globarevic, Marketing and Community Manager at Coin Payment , with over 10 years of professional experience in PR, marketing, business development and project management.

Mr Milos Jovanovic, Financial Analyst at Coin Payment, experienced quality assurance analyst with over 10 years of professional experience in financial analysis, trading, and brokerage.