Comprehensive overview of STABLECOINS — Part 5

Right now, coins such as Tether pose great risks to the entire ecosystem, potentially posing as a bubble (if Tether is unable to back up the ~2.2 Billion tokens in circulation, insolvency has far ranging consequences towards the crypto economy).

The stablecoin landscape is slowly growing, and has experienced a lot of development in 2017. We should see several important things crop up in 2018, with the launch of non collateralized stablecoins, which can potentially direct the ecosystem in a new direction, depending on their effectiveness.

Overall, stablecoins are an extremely interesting and upcoming thing that might as well dictate the trend for the rest of 2018.

This overview is the product of an extensive research and analysis on Stablecoins that was performed in May 2018. Stablecoins are gaining momentum right now, and the future will show which one of these projects will win the race, but for now, we have compiled a list of most promising stablecoin projects and would love to hear your opinion on them.

Here they are:

1. Tether
2. MakerDAO
3. Havven
4. Tesla CryptoCap
5. DigixDao
6. Globcoin
7. Minexcoin
8. TrueUSD
9. Fragments
10. Bitshares
11. Basiscoin
12. Aurora

You can leave your opinion in the comments below, or go to our Twitter poll, and vote!

Dear readers, this is the fifth and final part of the Overview of Stablecoins! Hope you enjoyed reading it. Feel free to comment if there is anything we forgot to mention about Stablecoins :)