For the last few months Tesla CryptoCap has been working in close relation with other relevant Stablecoin projects on making and periodically updating StableCoin Overview Report. This report has a goal to raise awareness on the importance Stablecoins have on the crypto market by presenting all relevant information about teams, projects and milestones achieved.

Why are we doing this?

During our market research we have come across some devastating facts about the current climate surrounding the term stablecoins. Majority of crypto community still has no idea what is the main purpose of stablecoins, let alone which stablecoin projects are already active, or in the process of making a successful product.

However, there are some who are doing wonderful work promoting stablecoins in general. We should mention Leo Bosankic with his overview of 19 projects that are working on Stablecoins —, and also Stable Report, who has weekly podcast with important people from stablecoin industry, and follows news from stablecoin projects. Here is a podcast with Rune Christensen from MakerDAO, to get a feel of how professionally they approach this task —

There are a lot more bright examples of professionals raising awareness about stablecoins, but it is still not enough to help stablecoins get the rightful place in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We need people to massively join this initiative if we want to see the positive change. We believe that the success of stablecoin projects relies on building trust and confidence in the industry. Our aim is to raise awareness of the importance of stablecoins in general, and we strongly believe it can only be achieved if all projects work together.

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On Friday, September 28th, major report on Stablecoins was published by renown We are proud to say that Tesla CryptoCap is included in this 70+pages long report that deals with current strengths, trade-offs and concerns associated with stablecoin problems!