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Mr. e-MONEY - Have you seen what’s missing in crypto world?

Bitcoin wasn’t invented for investors, it was invented for the utility of digital money! Ethereum wasn’t invented for investors, it was invented for the...

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What is in fact MONEY? Is it finally time for the EVOLUTION of MONEY?

There is a similarity with the term TIME which we use daily without thinking of its essence and complexity. Therefore, we can freely claim that a second is a universal measure of...

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STABLE TOKENS — Methodology

The evolution of money is inevitable and it is only a matter of days when a decentralized universal world currency will finally come to life. We are also witnesses of the first examples of...

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The most controversial way to create a STABLE TOKEN

How does money get value? Given that the notion of money is related exclusively to people and human-centered system, human psychology and belief play a major role in this...

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Simple way to create STABLE TOKEN

No matter where you are, the simplest way to come into possession of Stable Tokens is, of course, to borrow them. In order to personally borrow them, you only have to have a certain guarantee. What would be logical in the world of cryptocurrency is to guarantee and...

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Stable Tokens NOT Convertible coins

Convertibility is the quality that allows money or other financial instruments to be converted into other liquid stores of value. Convertibility is an important factor in international trade, where...

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